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The World of Milk

Event Dates: 11 - 14.11.2015
Frequency: Annual
Edition: 12th edition
Venue: Inter Expo Center - Sofia
Profile: Milk and dairy products
Target group: Professionals and the general public
Organized by: Inter Expo Center
Co-organizers:  Association of Dairy Processors in Bulgaria, National Association of Dairy Processors

THE WORLD OF MILK is the leading Specialized Exhibition for Bulgarian dairy industry, which will held from 11 to 14 November 2015 at Inter Expo Center - Sofia.

The exhibition is a well-recognized forum for setting up useful contacts, exchange of experiences, conducting specialized seminars, conferences and presentations. THE WORLD OF MILK 2014 featured participating companies offered a variety of milk and dairy table products, contemporary models of devices, specialized equipment and machines and other advanced solutions for dairy production.

Well-known Bulgarian producers presented a wide range of high quality dairy products: white brined cheese, cow milk cheese, sheep milk cheese, buffalo, goat and mixed milk cheeses, processed and smoked cheeses, cream cheeses, gourmet products such as buffalo mozzarella, smoked buffalo cheese, fresh goat cheese, etc.

There were presented new useful solutions for base materials and ingredients in dairy industry – yeast for cheese and yellow cheese, ferments for yoghurt and dairy products, preservatives, stabilizers, starter cultures, block mixes for cheese and yellow cheese, spices and seasonings for a wide range of functional and specialty foods.

The interest of specialists in milk processing was attracted by different packaging solutions. In the field of innovation there are plastic storage containers, incl. reusable packaging and other packaging materials, films for thermal packaging, sleeves labels for bottles and cups, labels for electronic scales, stickers for electronic scales, self-adhesive labels, and much more.

The taste and quality of dairy products, besides base materials, is largely dictated by the modern facilities and modernization of the production halls.

The latest achievements were presented by leading companies, creators of economical and efficient machines that have won the trust of the masters in milk and dairy business.

The exhibiting companies provided a rich choice of equipment complying with European standards for various activities, such as machinery and equipment for milk processing, for cheese cutting and slicing, exfoliating and horizontal packaging machines, control and identification (check-weighing device with metal detector, labeling machine, machines for weighing and labeling, etc.).

The companies taking part in the THE WORLD OF MILK demonstrated the advantages of specialized floorings/industrial floors, incl. epoxy flooring systems, conductive and anti-static flooring, anti-bacterial polyurethane systems, decorative commercial flooring, and more/, as well as those of different types of storage systems and structures for warehouses and shops that provide high standards of hygiene and manufacturing practices.

Along with THE WORLD OF MILK, the six halls of Inter Expo Center hosted the international specialized exhibitions of MEATMANIA, BULPEK , SALON DE VIN, INTERFOOD & DRINK and SIHRE – the specialized exhibition for hotel, restaurant, catering and spa equipment.

Each year THE WORLD OF MILK welcomes Bulgarian and foreign visitors - professionals and experts from the sector, willing to intensify trade relations with current partners and to establish contacts with new customers. 16 472 Bulgarian and foreign specialists, as well as the general public had visited the jointly held exhibitions in 2014 – MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, INTERFOOD & DRINK, SALON DE VIN and SIHRE. Among the visitors there were professionals and guests from Bulgaria and other countries: Romania, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Croatia, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Latvia, Kazakhstan, The Czech Republic, Hungary,  Austria, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Argentina, South Africa, China and others.

The parallel conducting of MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, INTERFOOD & DRINK, SALON DE VIN and SIHRE with their extensive business program increased the opportunities for useful contacts both for exhibitors and consumers of products and services in the two sectors – the Food and the HORECA sectors.


2015 Highlights

  • 6 exhibition halls
  • Over 380 Bulgarian and foreign exhibitors
  • Group pavilions of Bulgarian meat processors, dairy processors, wine producers, processors of fruits and vegetables, organic producers
  • Hungary - Partner Country of the International Exhibition Interfood & Drink
  • Group pavilions of companies from Italy and Hungary
  • Individual foreign companies from Romania, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Serbia, Turkey
  • Presentation of producers and importers of wines from South Africa, organized by the Embassy of South Africa in Bulgaria               
  • Participation of Trade and Investment Promotion Section Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Sofia
  • ORGANIC ZONE - specialized for certified organic products
  • DIET & FITNESS ZONE - specialized for dietary food and drinks for healthy eating or sports nutrition

Business program

  • Demonstration of the results from Project FEED – CODE № FP7-SME-2012-315464 “Animal feed certification platform and procedure to guarantee the quality of meat and dairy products”, organized by the Association of Meat Processors in Bulgaria
  • Problems, prospects and challenges for the dairy sector in Bulgaria - National Conference of the Association of Dairy Processors in Bulgaria and the National Union of Cattle Breeders in Bulgaria
  • Bread and pastries, tradition and innovation - the way to health, a leading emphasis of the National Association of Bakers and Confectioners
  • Challenges for the organic sector in the current programming period - an event of the Bulgarian Organic Products Association
  • Support for the wine sector and prospects for its development - a conference by the Institute for Strategy and Analyzes supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Executive Agency on Vine and Wine and the National Vine and Wine Chamber
  • “BG products on the table” - Agrozona Magazine and the Association of Agricultural Producers in Bulgaria
  • Food Export to USA: What you need to know about the Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. FDA and Customs
  • “Grow up healthy and strong”, a tasting about the qualities of Bulgarian canned fruits and vegetables, organized by the Union of the processors of fruit and vegetables


  • Bocuse d’Or – National Qualification for the most prestigious contest for professional chefs
  • Awarding of the companies participants in the VII National “Prize Pack 2015” competition for the best packaging for food and beverages
  • “Gold Medal with Diploma” Contest for high-quality and original market products and / or additives
  • Consumer Contest


You are welcome to THE WORLD OF MILK between 11 -14 November, 2015!