Olimport Ltd.


136, Vasil Levski blvd, 1527, Sofia, Bulgaria

Mobile: +359 884 62 19 00
Fax: +359 2 958 65 92
Website: www.olimport.bg
Email: office@olimport.bg

Established in 2007, Olimport Ltd. is a trade company in the foodservice, devoted to the mission to select and supply the best, competitive and healthy foods and ingredients to hotels, restaurants, bakeries and industrial productions.

The company works actively with the professional associations of chefs in the country, participates in culinary events and has been supporting the Bulgaria’s National Culinary Cup each year since 2009.

ОLIMORT LTD offers a wide range of olive oils, balsamic vinegars from Modena, olives, frying oils, pickled and packed dried tomatoes, preserved tomatoes, capers, artichokes, saffron, quinoa and chia seeds, himalayan salt and exotic peppers, rigatoni.

During the exhibition, it will be presented and tested a new range of cold extracted oils, cooking oils, wine and apple vinegars, olives, sauces for pasta, canned tomatoes.