Sofia High School of Bakery and Confectionery Technology in the days of Bulpek 2017

Folklore Program – singing and dancing on the stage in the central foyer

November 8

13.00 - 13.30 – Hanky-panky in the village square

November 9

16.00 - 16.30 -  Kukeri (mummers)

November 11

12.00 - 12.30 – Engagement ritual

The Sofia High School of Bakery and Confectionery Technology is the only specialized school in Bulgaria with long-standing traditions in the training of staff for the bakery and confectionery industry. It was founded in 1954 as a professional high school profiled in bakery. Since 1973, confectionery was included in the program of the professional school, and in 1975 the first confectionery workshop was established. In April 2003, the Professional high school of Bakery and Confectionery Technology was renamed as the Sofia High School of Bakery and Confectionery Technology.

The high school trains students in full time form of education after the completion of grades VII and VIII.

The high school has four workshops equipped with professional machines, appliances and supplies, two computer rooms, a library. Medical care and security are provided.

The high school maintains active contacts with the Federation of Bakers and Confectioners in Bulgaria, the Branch Chamber of Industrial Bakers and Confectioners in Bulgaria (BICHSB), bakery companies, private companies ,etc..  There are organized joint presentations of new products for the bakery and confectionery sector 

The ability and skills of the teaching staff to build a responsible and serious attitude towards the chosen profession, to create working habits and skills to work in a dynamic environment are the main benefits of our school. This makes us proud because the experts we have trained not only acquire  a profitable profession that is most in demand, but as well get the opportunity to succeed, which brings them self-confidence and satisfaction.

For years, the high school has been working on international projects, which enables our graduates to improve their knowledge and skills and makes them competitive not only in Bulgaria but also abroad. The manufacturing  practicing carried out abroad prove the high professional level of our students. They give them a major  positions on equal terms with countries like Denmark and Germany, having traditions in bakery and confectionery.

The students who graduated from the Sofia High School of Bakery and Confectionery Technology can find a good job or continue their education at universities.