Apiculture products - high quality, remedial properties and unexpected combinations


As we already know, during the biggest business event in Sofia - the exhibitions MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, SALON DE VIN, INTERFOOD & DRINK and SIHRE, you can taste the huge variety of food products. Honey occupies an important  place ,too - the food, which never loses its nutritional qualities and is super useful for the health of the people.

The bee-keepers Ilievs family from Pleven showed their diverse production such as different types of bee honey, remedial food supplements with honey products and honey cosmetics. "Honey with rose petals is a natural antioxidant and aphrodisiac. It is successfully used in the fight against allergies caused by vaious agents. There is no laxative effect, and the recommended dose for an adult is 1 tsp. daily. Another interesting product is the bee elixir with a combination of five bee products: honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis and apilarnil. This product has a strong synergistic effect. With it ,we imitate bee behavior in the beehive. Bee pollen is a powerful immunostimulator, "commented the Ilievs family. They are followers of Apitherapy - a branch of alternative medicine that helps people improve their health with the help of honey products.

"100% natural and environmentally friendly product" - this is the motto of the honey producer Krasimir Gergov. This beekeeper has prepared a variety of honeys - lime, herbal, cardoon flower, acacia, honey dew, coriander and rape honey.

Bee keepers Club N1 presented honey from three regions of Bulgaria - Sofia, Kyustendil and the Black Sea regions.

The Black Sea region is represented by the producers Stoyan Stoyanov from Aheloy, Georgi Gochev from Pomorie and Stefan Nikolov from Varna. An extremely interesting honey - Cream honey – was shown by "Sherba" apiary, as the product is made by special technology, which lasts 30-40 days. The unique combination of a dam, a river and a mountain, combined with ecologically clean nature in the centuries-old forests of Sherba and Longoza, add to the unique taste of Sherba honey, said Stefan Nikolov.

The bee-keeping farm Ferma Todorovi also took part in INTERFOOD & DRINK this year. The farm begins its business with 200 bee-hives. The hives are situated in two apiaries on the territory of the village of Rashkovo, Botevgrad region , in the very heart of the Balkan Mountains. Known as an ecologically clean area, the nature reserve "Rzhana mountain" (translated from the ancient Roman "Silver Mountain") gives the opportunity to extract acacia honey, honey from herbs and honey pollen of high quality and purity. "We call our honey boutique because you can not reach us in a commercial way, we do not sell in bulk or in a shop. Our product reaches you personally. Thus we are sure you will get the best honey in the best way, "said the manufacturers.

Farmer Hristo Georgiev from Kyustendil presented to the visitors the richness of his products. The honeys with tahini halva and Turkish delight distinguished with their rich taste and good looks.