The Horeca sector came to meet at SIHRE 2017

Advanced equipment for restaurants, hotels and spa, high technology, many new ideas and an even richer side-events program. All this was offered to the visitors at this year's exhibition SIHRE, which took place at Inter Expo Center from November 8-11. The exhibition, organized by Inter Expo Center and the National Association Hotel Restaurant Cafeteria (HoReCa),brought again this year professional chefs, hotel and restaurant keepers, who exchanged ideas, shared experience and competed between themselves.

The exhibition THE WORLD OF MILK to present the pride of Bulgarian manufacturing traditions – the dairy products

The Bulgarian production of dairy products is proud of its centuries-old tradition. Unique flavors that appeal to all people around the world demonstrate the skills of exhibiting companies in the making of dairy products. This year, at the international exhibition THE WORLD OF MILK, which will be held from 8th to 11th November at Inter Expo Center, along with MEATMANIA, BULPEK, SALON DE VIN, INTERFOOD & DRINK and SIHRE, the fans of Bulgarian tradition will be review the latest developments in the sector .

Dairy products - the pride of Bulgarian manufacturing traditions

The natural products that are produced by classic technology, combined with old, authentic recipes and modern quality requirements, will be presented in the hall that hosts THE WORLD OF MILK. The better health of the population and the enjoyed pleasure are the trademark of the exhibition. TERTER and BULGAREA are products that strive to satisfy the variety of preferences and requirements for white brined cheese, yellow cheese and yoghurt.

Besides the willingness of the participating companies to continue the tradition of authentic Bulgarian taste in the production of their dairy products, they believe that they have a worthy and achievable goal of exporting these products beyond the borders of the country. Modern dairy enterprises are equipped with hi-tec equipment and a closed production cycle. Thanks to the combination of tradition and innovative production, the dairy products - cheese, yoghurt, cream, butter, etc., are proud of the high-quality taste and pure natural ingredients.

The manufacturing capacity for the yoghurt Dobrotitsa by Nedko Nedkov - Ovcharovo can impress- more than 200 tons, which have become a favorite part of the consumers' table. The yoghurt Ralitsa, which will also be among the exhibits of the event, has a rich fat content of

8% and is suitable for salads, sauces and desserts.

Yellow cheese and cheese from sheep and goat milk, a delight for connoisseurs

Vacom Company specializes in dairy production and export mainly for countries such as Australia, Canada, USA, the EU ,etc. The company exports products in different types of packages and in the days of the exhibition it will demonstrate Bulgarian white brined cheese and yellow cheese from cow, sheep and goat milk.

Lacrima is a well-known brand for Bulgarian consumers. During THE WORLD OF MILK, the company will exhibit its sheep milk cheese - made from sheep  milk with a specific flavour and intense whole milk taste. The cheese is matured for a minimum of 45 days.

Goat milk cheese, a product by Parshevitsa dairy, is a traditional Bulgarian brined cheese made of goat milk from a specially selected Alpine goat breed. The product is rich in useful lactic acid bacteria, proteins, calcium, vitamins, and here it offers the highest potential level compared to most dairy products.

Butter with 82% fat content from 100% raw cow's milk

Butter, as one of the popular dairy products that is of great necessity for any household, is well-represented on the booths in the hall of The World of Milk. The exhibiting companies will demonstrate a product made using modern technology and according to the highest quality standards of 100%  fresh whole milk, with a guaranteed fat content of 82%.

Packaging - an important part of the dairy business

"3 in 1" Compact Packaging Monoblock CARTONMAT 544TL is a machine presented by Arcon Bulgaria for packaging that takes the products from the production line, groups them according to a predefined model and loads them into cardboard boxes. This is a 3-in-1 product (fabrication, packing and sealing), ensuring full automatic operation and minimal footprint. Together with food packaging solutions, the exhibition will offer numerous ideas for ice creams and drinks. To ensure greater convenience and enjoyment of the product, visitors will discover transparent cups from the Image series by DASF. They are suitable for ice cream, dairy desserts, shakes, frappe coffee, smoothies and much more.

Revolution in milk analysis

In 13 minutes, Extenso registers 90 contaminants ,such as as antibiotics and toxins, in 17 groups. It covers all major pollutant groups ,such as beta-lactam antibiotics, tetracyclines, aminoglycosides, lincosamides, macrolides, (fluoro) quinolones, sulfonamides, chloramphenicol, trimethoprim, colistin, melamine and even aflatoxin M1.

A demonstration dairy at The World of Milk

BLITZ will showcase a compact modular version of a modular plant – a demo dairy. This model has been developed specifically for demonstrations, training and implementation of technological processes. The demonstration dairy has already participated with considerable success at a number of exhibitions where the production of yellow cheese has been presented .

Technological equipment for cheese production with a new dry steaming method

C'est La Vie presents AISI 304 - 316 machine made of stainless steel. It has a PLC touch screen for control and the ability to save 10 different recipes, which ensures automation of the work process. The machine has the ability to work with direct and indirect pressurized steam.

Machines, machines ,yet again machines – the 21st Century!

THE WORLD OF MILK is a modern exhibition. In addition all mentioned exhibits,we can see the products by ALMER - Dry-steaming line for yellow cheese with transfer module and a module for precise weighing, a milk standardizer, machine for forming yellow cheese in strings and a machine for producing knit cheese..

Laboratory Technics Engineering will present at its booth a fully automatic serial fat extraction system Velp SER158.The system provides rapid and precise extraction with reduced use of solvent by the Randall method of heating organic solvents, thus shortening the extraction time up to 5 times compared to the conventional Soxhlet method.The Velp SER158 extractor is a fully automatic, hermetically sealed system that minimizes toxic evaporations in the laboratory ,and it operates 24/7 without the need for monitoring by the personnel.

Optimal hygiene in production is crucial in the food industry. During the manufacturing process, even the cleanest products are polluted by microorganisms in the air, working surfaces and packing materials. Tech Industries Bulgaria will present modules for ultraviolet light disinfection by the German brand UVpro.

The exhibitions MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK,SALON DE VIN, INTERFOOD & DRINK and SIHRE are the biggest business event in Sofia. Be part of the best in the food industry from 8 to 11 November at Inter Expo Center. All news about the exhibitions can be read on the website -


MEATMANIA brings together the meat processing sector at Inter Expo Center

From 8th to 11th of November, the biggest business event in Sofia – the exhibitions

MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, SALON DE VIN, INTERFOOD & DRINK and SIHRE will bring together the food sector in the halls of Inter Expo Center.

Innovative technologies and solutions

The MEATMANIA exhibition will showcase the best meat grinding system in Switzerland, a new drying system for curing dried products from Italy and small-scale high-quality machinery from Valencia, Spain.

Following the growing range of industries for customers all over the world, the Japanese corporation successfully broke the standard framework and continually creates new solutions and innovative products. At the exhibition there will be presented a high performance weighing and printing system DPS 5600 for pre-packaged products with reduced workload and simple and easy operation with reduced cost of the label.

Machine for food packaging in trays TSM 101-R. The heat-binding machine is particularly suitable for use in grocery stores, small dining facilities, etc. , as it combines several factors such as low cost, functionality and product quality. Extremely practical and easy to use for trays with a maximum size of 205 mm x 150 mm x 100 mm.

Professional kitchen equipment will also be presented at MEATMANIA. CASTA is a device that develops an alternative and artistic4 way to produce ice cream. The product is made thanks to a special refrigerated plate, and the preparation of ice cream, starting from the "liquid mixture" phase, becomes a real artistic challenge. With its focus on different types of customers, this plate can be easily used in both high-end hotels and restaurants, as well as in small and large ice cream shops and gourmet cafes.

Machines for packing and branding of goods

New innovative solution for packing single products, groups of products, or for the formation of promotional units. The machines are suitable for all food products, for packing meat and meat products, sausages, sliced meat, semi-finished products, fish and sea products, canned food, pasta, fruit, vegetables. The machines can be integrated in automatic production or packaging lines. Fast and reliable with high performance. The technology is extremely clean - without smoke and smell, thanks to the environmentally friendly "Ultra Clean Seal". The machines can additionally be equipped with a printer that can be mounted to make bar codes or additional variable information.

The most advanced portable gas analyzer on the market

The new CheckPoint 3 is the most advanced portable gas analyzer on the market to test O2 and CO2 levels in modified atmosphere packaging (MAPs). The long-lasting CheckPoint 3 sensor provides the highest precision for a portable analyzer, making the packing process more reliable.

Forklifts are an indispensable assistant for everyone in this business

The latest models of forklifts, electric trucks and warehousing machinery will be among the exhibits this year. The combination of high-quality components and advanced manufacturing technologies make these machines reliable and efficient.

What would be do without storage and transportation of finished goods?

Folding cases - convenience and efficiency. They are suitable for storing a number of food products that require good ventilation or cooling. The containers are hygienic packages with smooth internal walls that protect the product from damage. They save up to 85% of storage space when stored in a folded position. Another solution to optimize storage space are the folding box pallets - a modern, smart and affordable solution for logistics and storage in small space areas. MEATMANIA will also present models of box pallets with wheels, which greatly facilitate the work process and find application in the food industry.

The robotized automatic system for labeling, verification and sorting of goods

The robotized automatic system for labeling, verification and sorting of goods will be presented with the help of the robot Nachi. During the exhibition you will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the industrial barcode printers, distinguished with their innovative technologies and useful solutions.

MEATMANIA will demonstrate the services of companies that deal with thermo printing, incorporation of optical elements for protection, as well as unique possibilities for combining packaging solutions with holographic security products and authenticity of the end product.

Hi-tec hand washing and disinfection systems

All visitors at the exhibition will have the opportunity to review professional and modern cleaning and disinfection solutions targeted at the food and beverage industry, hotels and restaurants, catering and catering facilities. For the first time in Bulgaria in the days of the exhibition there will be presented high-tech systems for washing and disinfection of hands.

End of harmful microorganisms

An interesting product made by the engineers that can be seen at MEATMANIA is the flexible and invisible ceramic coating that repels microorganisms. The product changes the typical characteristics of the surface, allowing hardly any adherence of microorganisms. Molybsan generates an inhospitable environment depriving microorganism of moisture and food.

Independent of type of surface a very natural and high death rate is achieved. All this is achieved without using biocides and at the same time it is the best prerequisite for perfect hygiene in food industry.

All novelties about for MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, SALON DE VIN, INTERFOOD & DRINK and SIHRE are available at

The exhibition Meatmania reveals the secret of meat products

The biggest business event in Sofia – the exhibitions MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, SALON DE VIN, INTERFOOD & DRINK and SIHRE will bring together the food SECTOR from 8 to 11 November at Inter Expo Center.

Farm-bred matured beef - only for connoisseurs

One of the highlights of this year's MEATMANIA edition is a farm-bred matured beef that is produced by an established technology and consistent with the requirements for DRY AGING worldwide. The meat of pre-selected animals is placed in a curing chamber for a period of 14 to 60 days, in which it reaches different stages of curing and improves its taste qualities. The farm-bred matured meat is rich in amino acids and collagen, making it gentle, tendr and easy to digest and absorb by the body.

For yet another year, raw-dried products and delicacies will be presented at the exhibition. "The Lukanka Sword" is one of the new products created by a team of technologists provoked by the historical past of the Thracian region. The product is made from largely diced pork with classic spices typical of the region of Aegean Thrace.

Lukanka, babek and Veselyashka broenitsa sausages - the tastes of Bulgaria

Panagyurska Lukanka is a traditional meat product, distinguished by specific recipes, drying and pressing methods, shape, flavor, taste and texture. For its preparation, they use beef and pork, which is minced and mixed with an aromatic variety of spices.

The delicatessen larded salami is a new, high quality product, smoked on beechwood, with whole pieces of meat, meeting the highest consumer requirements. The masterful taste of the product is due to the skillful combination of pork and the aromatic mix of natural spices.

Veselyashka broenitsa and babek – Trakiyska puska may also be tasted during MEATMANIA. Another interesting product is the home-made lukanka with walnut - where nuts complement the traditional taste with their delicate crispness. Among the exhibits we can also find some of the favorite products of the consumers,such as veal meat lukanka , Nevrokopska lukanka, Banski starets, home-made Nevrokopski sudjuk and many others.

Ayvar for more delicious meat

Ayvar is an extremely high quality product created by an authentic Balkan homemade recipe. Characteristic with its preparation mainly from peppers and eggplants. Does not contain any colorants and preservatives. Its sophisticated taste and thick consistency make it suitable for both between meals and for every dinner,too.

Pure meat with a pinch of salt and lots of love by an old recipe from Gotse Delchev

Veal meat in jar and pork in jar - fast and handy for every household. It is prepared by an old recipe from Gotse Delchev to have a wonderful meat, ready to eat and share. In order to meet the revived demand for old recipes and tastes, Meatmania will demonstrate a dried blood sausage as one of the most popular traditional sausages. It is made from pork and a lot of leeks, according to an authentic recipe from the Pirin region. Dried and ready for consumption, goes perfectly with a glass of red wine.

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Hotel and restaurant keepers and professional chefs to meet at the exhibiting SIHRE

The 15th edition of the forum will be held from 8 to 11 November at Inter Expo Center

To maintain good hotel, a cozy restaurant and a modern kitchen, you need to keep an eye on the trends all the time. The international exhibition SIHREwill start from the 8th of November at Inter Expo Center in Sofia, and will again bring together hotel and restaurant keepers and professional culinary experts. In an inspiring environment, until November 11, they will exchange ideas for doing successful business, share experience, compete, and get acquainted with the latest technology in the context of many demonstrations and side events.

This will be the 17th edition of SIHRE. The exhibition is organized by Inter Expo Center and the National Association of Hotel Restaurant Cafeteria (HoReCa), and will be held in parallel with the exhibitions MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, SALON DE VIN and INTERFOOD & DRINK.

Arena of culinary duels and inspirations

SIHRE will once again become the stage of the inspirational GASTRONOMIX. The second edition of the only forum for cuisine and culinary culture in Bulgaria will be held throughout the days of the exhibition. On November 9, there will be held the national qualifications for the world's most prestigious culinary contest Bocuse d'Or.

Within the dynamic accompanying program, Bulgarian and globally well-recognized experts in professional cooking and restaurant business will transfer their knowledge to their younger peers during the GastronomiX PRO culinary forum. The list includes names such as Jan Smink from the Netherlands, Bulgarian chefs Georgi Boikovski, Milen Panev, Svetozar Georgiev and Ivaylo Dimitrov, the top confectioners Radi Stambolov and Borislav Ekzarhov, as well as Dr John Dunning - former training manager of Gordon Ramsey Holdings and current lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, guest at the HRC Culinary Academy.

The useful and interesting events will also continue during the last day, November 11th. Then WiFo 2017 ,a forum for wine and food , will open its doors for connoisseurs of food and wine . Speakers will again share experiences and ideas with visitors about the happy marriage between food and wine, craft chocolate, communication at the table, evolution and critical points, business and the challenge it faces .... and much more.

High technology and integrated solutions

In the atmosphere of the culinary adventures, the guests will be introduced to the most modern and integrated technologies offering ideas for the development of hotel, restaurant, catering and spa. Among the products shown we will see SAP Business One management system. It covers many company activities - finance, logistics, operations, warehousing, customer relationship management, and its application adapts to customer needs. Visitors will also be introduced to an inventory optimization solution - the ELTRADE INVENTORY software that allows contactless execution of the process.

Those interested in high-tech management will also find special software for retail outlets. The program has a unified installation and a variety of settings are designed to fit the relevant facility. It contains the necessary modules for managing restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, clothing and footwear stores, wholesale exchanges, and more.

The SIHRE Exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for chefs to make their choice. They will see a presentation of an innovative solution for low-temperature cooking in vacuum with sous vide equipment - thermostat and water bath. Professionals who work in front of the audience also have the opportunity to get acquainted with DROOP IN - systems that build up a hot / cold buffet  section and show cooking appliances with high cooking power.

High-tech suggestions gwill be offered by VarioCooking Center multificiency system. It combines the functions of a reversible pan, cooking pot, oven and fryer in an exclusive multifunction device. Visitors will also find the BROASTER Pressure Fryer - with food preparation technology under controlled pressure in a hermetic environment. Everyone can also enjoy the SelfCookingCenter, which offers a "ConnectedCooking" function, where chefs can manage all connected devices quickly and easily using a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

SIHRE 2017 will meet this year's visitors in an atmosphere of many new products, ideas, solutions and useful contacts. All news and novelties about the fair can be found here: and