Greece 3rd km Komotini-Kosmiou , Greece
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“Zamanakos Dimitrios & SIA OE” company is located in Komotini- Greece and is operating in the field of production and packaging of “coffee frappe” beverages since 1986. In 1997 the company moved in its new-owned facilities of 1.100sqm, in a 8300sqm site in the 3rd km Komotini-Kosmiou where it is still located.

It has modern packaging equipment for the process and packaging of “coffee frappe” beverages, cocoa, instant chocolate, instant tea etc.

The company's 30 years of experience in production of “coffee frappe” is reflected in the high quality of it's products. The instant coffee used, is a unique blend, esteemed for it's aroma and rich flavour.  The production process from the first stage of coffee processing tο the delivery of the final product to the customer is characterized for the high standrads of hygiene and food safety procedures. This is ensured by the fact that the company has developed and emplemented in the production process, the guidances and directives (along with the certification) of the food quality management system ISO 22000.

The most known company brands are Frapino Frappe® and Giorgino Frappe® .

Beside “coffee frappe” beverages the company produces instant beverages of cappuccino, espresso, freddo cappuccino, freddo espresso, chocolate etc.

The company is visiting every year all the major exhibitions in Europe to keep up to date with innovations in proccessing and packaging of coffee and relative products.


+30 25310 33193
+30 25310 33193