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Boema S.p.A., was founded in the 1979 and during the years emerged as a leading company in designing and manufacturing machines and plants for the food industry.
What has allowed Boema to became a leading partner in the food industry surely is attributable to its continuous upgrade on customer requirements and to its capacity to develop the designing and manufacturing techniques.
During time Boema has gained an excellent reputation for the quality and reliability of its products, and persuaded many European market leader company to choose its solutions.
As a confirmation of the good results obtained, company Boema ended in 2013 the works for the enlargement of the production seat in Neive, where to date work about 150 precious workers mainly specialized in the design, production and installation of machinery and equipment for the food processing industry.
Boema has a production area of over 15.000 m2 (covered surface), including the historical seat as the technical citadel, where all the technical departments are gathered.
Company Boema has a transnational presence, thanks to some foreign subsidiaries in Poland, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine, from which it offers commercial and after-sale technical assistance.
Boema has at its disposal a team of engineers and technicians highly trained and specialized in different fields.
Boema always aimed to improve itself with the help of new technologies. That’s because we use 3D software for the design of our machineries to evaluate carefully every detail in our machines.
High consideration is given to the electronic equipment. Boema is so able to offer simple electrical control panels or monitoring stations able to record all progress of the line, to advise the conductor line on possible bottlenecks and problems, as well as systems to automatically divert product or lock the line. Boema has deeply invested in its own electronic department in order to ensure accurate and reliable control software and at the same time to develop an interface for operators as simple as possible.
One of Boema’s point of strength is the flexibility and the capacity to offer full solutions even in case of multi processing tasks. This comes out from the wide experience of its engineers specialized in fruit and vegetable processing, chestnut processing, chocolate and creams processing, confectionary and wine industry, storing tanks and mixing solutions. Three separate technical departments are actually working in Boema, everyone focused on specific products and technologies.
A particular consideration is also given to its own employees’ training developed in a suitably-made internal room of the main facility.
Boema management has always chosen to make the company known for the high technical and manufacturing capacity and therefore continuously re-invested the profits of its activity for the workshop. Therefore the choice of some technical solution is due to the capacity and awareness to be able to realise them in optimal way.
The aim of Boema is to produce independently the greatest part possible of each machine in order to achieve the dual effect of maximizing the quality of our products and of reducing the production costs for our customers.


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