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Manzanos Wines is the wine division of Manzanos Enterprises. It works on the elaboration of wine in appellation Rioja, Navarra and wines from Spain since 1890. Its history is linked to the memory of a family, its effort and their good practices. As a result, ten different wineries belong to this company, which have been built along five generations of this family. It is to be highlighted the acquisition of Bodegas Luis Gurpegui Muga and Bodegas Berceo in 2016, which are two of the main wineries in appellation Rioja.
The main activity of this company is the elaboration and commercialization of appellation Rioja, as their main wineries belong to this Qualified Denomination of Origin. The wineries in which Manzanos elaborates its wines in this denomination are the following ones: Bodegas Manzanos, Viña Marichalar, Marqués de Butrago, Bodegas Luis Gurpegui Muga and Bodegas Berceo. This is possible thanks to the 300 hectares of own vineyard and 700 controlled hectares.
The wineries in which the wine is made in appellation Navarra are the following ones: Castillo de Enériz and Monte Ory (this one was bought to the family Gurpegui Muga). Fernández de Manzanos family owns 50 hectares and controls 200 in this appellation.
The wineries in which Wine from Spain is made, are: Bodegas Mosen Pierre, Bodegas El Lagar de la Aldea and Bodegas Gurpegui. Manzanos Wines controls 150 hectares.


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