МУЛТИВАК на изложението СИХРЕ в София (палата 6, щанд С8)

„МУЛТИВАК България“ ще презентира ефективни опаковъчни решения за ресторанти, хотели и кетъринг компании и оборудване за нискотемпературно готвене във вакуум

От 8 до 11 ноември 2017 г. на изложение СИХРЕ 2017, провеждащо се в Интер Експо Център София, „МУЛТИВАК България“ ще презентира ефективни опаковъчни решения за ресторанти, хотели и кетъринг компании. Наред с компактните настолни камерни машини към експонатите ще бъде представено оборудване за нискотемпературно готвене във вакуум.

The C 200 chamber machine is extremely flexible with respect to installation site due to its compact dimensions.  This is a professional vacuum-sealing chamber machine with solid and durable body and delivering high-quality packaging.  The large chamber - 465 x 355 x 150/220 mm – allows for packaging bulk items.  С 200 is easy to operate, clean, and maintain.

The Baseline chamber machines series will be represented by the P 300 and P 200 modifications. The Р 300 chamber machine is the bigger of the two.  This is a table-top space-efficient model.  It is for efficient manufacturing of high-quality vacuum-sealed packaging.  It can be supplied with a gassing device if the food products require modified-gas packaging environment.  Р 300 features a spacious chamber with dimensions 420 x 425 x 170 mm.  This allows for high productivity and for packaging bigger items, just as the С 200 model.  A pump with capacity 20 cub. m/h will provide for efficient packaging.

The Р 200 is much more compact than Р 300.  The former is intended for food products of smaller sizes, since its camera is 305 x 300 x 110.  However, the machine also packages liquids e.g. sauces, soups, etc., as it is fitted with a sloping tray.  This Baseline model can be operated even by untrained restaurant, hotel, or catering company staff.  It is also convenient for home use.

The packaging specialist will be providing sous-vide equipment – thermostats and baths. The MULTIVAC baths vary in capacity: 27, 44 or 58 liters depending on the size of the relevant professional cooking facilities.

The MV1 thermostats of MULTIVAC ensure constant temperature, with a maximum variation range of +/-0,03˚С.  Upon setting and reaching the desired cooking temperature, it can be maintained for hours.  Burning is impossible, and power consumption is minimal compared to convection cooking devices.  The MULTIVAC thermostats guarantee uniform temperature in each point of the product.  A range of thermostats accessories is available for better and more organized cooking – horizontal and vertical racks, balls for maintaining temperature, etc.


About MULTIVAC Bulgaria Ltd.:

MULTIVAC Bulgaria Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary company of Multivac Export AG registered in Bulgaria in September 2008.

MULTIVAC Bulgaria Ltd. supplies a complete range of packaging solutions, labeling machines and modules, metal detectors and X-raying equipment, automated modules for packaging lines of MULTIVAC Group.  Highest-quality packaging supplies are available to the clients of the company: foils, trays, vacuum-sealed and shrink-bags, etc.  MULTIVAC Bulgaria Ltd. provides technical and business consultancy, original high-quality spare parts and supplies, warranty and after-sales service at top level.


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