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EXPO LOGISTIK Ltd. is the official forwarder on the territory of Inter Expo & Congress Center in Sofia. The joint venture was established in 2001 between Bulgarreklama Agency Ltd. and DANZAS Messen GmbH with the main objective of forwarding and customs clearance of consignments related to the events held at Inter Expo and Congress Center.

Expo Logistik Ltd. has qualified staff, respective devices, equipment and warehouses which strengthen its position of a proper, reliable and respected company in the field of fair forwarding.

The company offers complete and high quality range of forwarding services at competitive prices.

The scope of activity includes: transport, forwarding and customs services for fairs, exhibitions, congresses, seminars and presentations of foreign companies in Bulgaria and Bulgarian companies abroad.

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Expo Logistik
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Seminars, presentation equipment and catering services

The diversity and variety of activities make the Congress Center a constantly beating heart at Inter Expo Center. It provides comprehensive consultation, complex service and qualified assistance in event planning and organisation, and the team shows remarkable professional attitude. The Congress center is the shared space where the entrepreneurial community gets access to opportunities, acquires knowledge, defines problems and finds solutions. Through the appropriate visual transformation, a contemporary, lively and changing portrait of the conference rooms is being built, guaranteeing the best atmosphere for participants and spectators.

The congress center has:
- Congress halls: 8 with the capacity of 20 to 450 seats
- Exhibition halls: 6 with the capacity of up to 2,200 people each
- Ability to hold an event with 5,000+ participants.

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Stand Design

With a background of more than 50 years of history in the organization of international exhibitions and events, our team of experts is there to meet the most demanding requirements.

We can help you get professional assistance for attractive and successful presentation of your company, how to design and build a notable exhibition booth, as well as advice at every stage of your operation during the exhibition (booth personnel, preliminary promotions, promo materials, demonstrations during the event, contact with visitors and creation of new business contacts)

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Advertising services

Because advertising is the shortest way for communication with your customers!

Every type of business requires better advertising an essential tool to survive and promote itself. No matter the size and scale of the business, advertising must be demonstrated to the general public in order to successfully build up your image and branding.

Using ads can provide your prospective customers with knowledge on the products and services you offer, as well as to compare with other similar products, which will enable you to compete with all other companies in the same field of business. Advertising is an extremely important marketing element, even in the strongest economic trends that keep a constant touch with customers.

Advertising services

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Participation in exhibitions is a powerful marketing tool for the businesses.


This is the best opportunity for companies from all over the world to present their branding, to establish direct business contacts, provide exclusive sales, and the opportunity to study and explore other markets.

If you want to boost your participation and broadcast a specific message, send a personal invitation to all your potential customers that you would like to see at your exhibition booth.

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