Bulgaria 3000, Vratsa
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 "Lalov and Vachev" LTD has existed since 1992 and its main business is production and distribution of meat products. The company has a modern production facility in Vratsa area of ​​14 000 square meters, which employs over 120 workers from the region. The company has developed its own distribution and sales offices in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo and regions."Lalov and Vachev" LTD offers screw sausages, raw dried delicacies, roasted deli meats, ham and ham products, frankfurters, sausages, pates, sausages and culinary products.
Basic principle in the company policy of "Lalov and Vachev" Ltd. is that the manufactured products combine perfect quality and excellent taste. Consumer health is a high priority to the company and its brands.
The brands under which "Lalov and Vachev" produced and sales on the Bulgarian market are "Master Cvetko", "Odessos" and "Narodna Trapeza". In recognition of the excellent taste of its products over the years they have won numerous awards at exhibitions, fairs,  and tasting competitions. In September 2017 year was made blind testing of fillet Elena with the cooperation of experts from the certified sensory analysis lab Euro Sensolab Bulgaria. The fillet Elena of “Master Cvetko” received the highest evaluation in 4 of 5 indicators (the evaluated indicators were taste, smell, hardness, flavoring and aftertaste).

We are proud that fillet Elena of “Master Cvetko” has the highest summaries from all the products of that type.


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