The World of Milk

Bor-Chvor has 22 years experience in milk procesing and has saved the best traditions of cheese making in the Rodopa Region. The Dairy Farm is situated in the outskirts of the Rodopa Mountain and is equipped entirely with new and modern machinery for intake, processing of milk, especially designed for the technologies the company is implementing. There is a constant quality control along the whole processing line.

We manufacture a wide variety of products from cow's and sheep's milk and these have put the company as one of the leaders on the milk market in Bulgaria. From the fresh products line - we offer the traditional for Bulgaria milks - yogurt and fresh: fruit yogurt.

The company realizes its production on the domestic market as it is a good partner of many large trade organizations and warehouses.

The product quality is extermely important in the process of colecting the raw milk and its processing. Daily, our specialiest take care that only the milk with the best quality is used and processed for all our milk products. Daily we make many analyses that guarantee the quality and the technology, the products and the ceratinty when making decisions.

The delivery control of the milk and all other products guarantee that only quality products will be used in the manufacturing process. We contrl each level and stage of the technology and milk processing. Each lot of ready products is analysed before reaching the final consumer.