D&D Commerce and Delivery Ltd

Bulgaria "Krum Stoyanov" 2 Street, Sofia
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We, D&D Commerce and Delivery Ltd, are leading food company on the Bulgarian market. Since our establishment in April 4, 1998 we are providing end-to-end service by producing and delivering to our customers healthy and quality food products.

D&D Commerce and Delivery Ltd is a trading company which integrates our diverse food production. Most people know us through our own brands. Our portfolio covers almost every food category – giving consumers tastier and healthier products to enjoy at every eating occasion.

Our brands:

       “Piperka”  - Leading brand for canned vegetables and fruits

       “Veronese”- Pasta and sauces

       “Kompotti” - Fruity drinks

       “Yovchev” - Wide variety of milk products made from high quality raw materials

       “Milmu” - Well-known brand for deutsche markenbutter

       “Lia” - Paper supplies 

       “Lidia” - Olive oil and sunflower oil

       “Preslav” - Traditional Bulgarian cheese

       “Tasti” - Sunflower oil, Olive oil, packed sugar, pasta

       “Blaga Lapka” - Delicious meat products

For our wide variety of food products we own 10 000 sq.m warehouses with 1000 sq. m. refrigerators.


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