DSK Bank

Bulgaria 19 Moskovska str., 1036, Sofia
A 14

DSK Bank is an established leader in retail banking and reliable partner of business sector in Bulgaria. The Bank serves more than three million clients at the biggest and constantly innovated branch network in the country. With its proven business service model, DSK Bank provides solutions and banking products in accordance with the specific preferences and requirements of the clients.

The Bank ensures the high quality service in its specialized Business centers for SME and Corporate clients where they can receive unique financial decisions in compliance with the characteristic of the relevant business. For its clients, DSK Bank offers wide range of specialized products including package programs for transactions and possibilities for financing.

DSK Bank applies a unique manner to finance business clients including agricultural producers, start-ups and various beneficiaries under EU programs. The Bank provides attractive conditions that respond to the business client’s expectations for development, innovation and increased competitiveness.

DSK Bank actively collaborated with the National Guarantee Fund and European Investment Fund and provides financing under their guarantee schemes on favorable requirements for collaterals and ensures additional possibilities for their business growth in Bulgaria.

In accordance with dynamic development of financial market, DSK Bank develops and applies innovations for its business clients with the development and implementation of new products and alternative channels for service. The Bank constantly organizes various initiatives to increase the quality and speed of its services as well as client’s satisfaction through digital and modern solutions.

One of the main priorities of the Bank, is to establish a long-term partnership and to support the business growth of its clients. The initiation and maintenance of high quality standards of bank services, adapted to the needs and requirements of the clients, is only a part of this strategy.