Food Processing Industry Cooperative

Bulgaria 108 Rakovski Str., оffice 605, 1000, Sofia
Interfood & Drink

The “Food Processing Industry” Cooperative works with all professional organizations and federations related to the branch; it provides PR services, publishes specialized and scientific books as well as printed advertisement. The FPI Cooperative issues the only magazine dedicated to the branch – the FPI Magazine, which has gained wide popularity in Bulgaria and abroad.

The basic aim of the FPI Magazine is to play the role of a link between science and business, B2B in food and beverage industries, to be a reliable source of information and an everyday forum of communication.

The FPI COOP also organizes visits to specialized international exhibitions for Bulgarian food and beverage professionals. 


+359 2 988 05 89
+359 884 646 919
+359 2 988 05 89