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The World of Milk

Products branded "Parshevitsa" are 100% natural with no nutritions and conservants. Made from raw materials sourced in our own farm which is the largest and most modern dairy farm on the Balkans. The milk is with guaranteed hygiene and quality indicators that have been achieved trought full automation of the production process and the modern equipment.

 Dairy products "Parshevitsa" are the first in the country manufactured to BDS standard and licensed for export to Europe and other countries. The brand "Parshevitsa" is patented and internationally protected in 31 countries in the world.

In year 2015 the company launched the production of new quality products: cow, sheep and mixture milk yogurt of own farm in a glass jar 530g as well the production of  low-temperature pasteurized cow milk 3.6% "Parshevitsa" 1 liter where are preserved all the vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. Commissioned and in operation is the brand new bottling line using the best package for the fresh milk preservation – glass bottle.