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The Association “TRADITIONAL RAW-DRIED MEAT PRODUCTS” is a legal entity with non-profit purposes , carrying out its activities in private favour, founded in 2009 with the aim to preserve tradition in the production of Bulgarian meat and to promote them abroad .

The main objectives of the Association are:

  • Development of product specifications of traditionally specific raw-dried meat products;
  • Developing of changes to product specifications for traditionally specific raw-dried meat products;
  • Preservation of the traditions in the production of raw-dried meat products;
  • Representing and protecting the rights and interests of producers of traditionally specific raw-dried meat products;

There are five products that are officially registered in Europe as traditional specialities guaranteed (TSG) for Bulgaria - "FILLET ELENA", " SPICE RUBBED COLLAR "TRAKIYA"", "ROLL TRAPEZITSA", "LUKANKA PANAGYURSKA " and "BEEF PASTARMA ". All five products are made by traditional recipes, with unchanged production process for over 30 years and with specific spices and drying and flavoring technology.

The traditional specialities guaranteed  are:

FILLET ELENA is a raw-dried meat delicacy from pork tenderloin. The taste of the product is characteristic, pleasant, moderately salty. The smell and the taste of Fillet Elena are due to the complex of carefully selected and processed raw materials, specific conditions of drying and pressing, a good selection of spices. In this respect, a spicy flavor of savory, giving a specific and specific flavor to the product, and a greenish color on its surface, which is absent for other meat raw-dried delicacies of the same group, plays a major role.

THE SPICE RUBBED COLLAR "TRAKIYA" is a delicacy that enjoys great consumer intrest. It is produced from deboned pork collar meat. It is pressed repeatedly during the drying process and rubbed with a spice rub of natural spices and white wine. It has elongated cylindrical, flattend shape.The surface is covered with a spice rub of brownish-red colour, well dried, with a pronounced crust. The product has a distinctive, pleasant, moderately salty taste, which bears the strong flavour of the spices used - paprika, fenugreek, garlic, white wine.

LUKANKA PANAGYURSKA is a pressed raw-dried meat poduct made from ground raw fresh beef and pork meat, auxiliary materials and natural spices, stuffed into natural or artificial casings, fitting tightly to the stuffing mix. The specific taste of this product is due to the meat ingredients and natural spices used, which are selected and sorted by type and quality (black or white pepper, cumin).

ROLL „TRAPEZITSA” has a specific character that is due to product-specific features: brittle, succulent. The pork neck itself is made of high-quality meat marbled with fat. It is a pressed raw-dried meat product prepared from fresh pork collar and a mixture of salt and natural spices (black or white pepper and garlic) stuffed into beef bungs or collagen and net casings, formed using twine strings. Its shape is cylindrical, flattened and elongated. The specificity of this products is due to its inherent characteristics - soft and succulent meat, exceptional taste and flavour.

BEEF PASTARMA is a raw-dried delicacy with the taste and smell of mature beef without spices. It is a pressed meat product prepared from uncrushed fresh beef by salting, drying, pressing and is suitable for direct consumption. The specificity of the taste characteristic is due to the selected meat raw material.


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