Bulgaria 85 Z, Simeonovsko Shosse Blvd., 3rd floor.; Address of the plant: 4000 Pazardzhik; 69, Bolnichna Str.
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Interfood & Drink


Balkan Agricultural Ltd. was established in 2007 with registration in Sofia City. As of August 2016 the company is owner of the new-constructed factory for processing fruit and vegetables in town of Pazardzhik, equipped with the most contemporary technologies and machinery. The enterprise is specialized in the processing of tomatoes and is the largest processor in Bulgaria with daily capacity of processed raw material of 700 tons.


The factory is equipped with the latest technologies and machinery by Catelli Food Technology produced in Italy. CFT is a leading producer of machinery and equipment for processing and packaging, mostly for the food industry. The factory holds highly-technological line, specially designated for production and antiseptic filling of HB and CB tomato paste with various levels of concentration, in compliance with the international highest level criteria.


The factory has established own laboratory. It is equipped with the most contemporary apparatuses for current physical and chemical control of the ready production as the work is performed with latest generation refract meter Maselli Misure, stationary colorimeter HunterLab mun ColorFlex Tomato Color Meter and an apparatus for measuring the acidity WTW inoLab PH 720.

This allows hourly evaluation of the quality of the paste produced by concentration, viscosity, color and acidity. The laboratory is one of the few in the country to measure indicators for Lycopene, the most active antioxidant in tomato products.