Bulgaria Sofia, 2E, Akad. Ivan Geshov, Business Center Serdika, building 1, fl. 2, office 208
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Interfood & Drink

Bulgarian Tea Company is specialized in production and commerce with tea from specially selected high quality herbs and fruits. Our goal is to establish the consumption of tea as an indispensable part of everyday life.

Most important things about the company:

  • More than 20 years of experience in the production and commerce with tea
  • We insist on high quality
  • Our products are natural and have a positive influence on people’s health
  • Our priority is the satisfaction of our clients
  • We own a system for good production practices and НАССР

Bulgarian Tea Company is one of the biggest producers of high quality tea, with huge market share. The organization has vast experience in the field of collecting and processing of plant raw materials with a closed production cycle – from field to the final clients. The company owns highly-productive capital for fully processing of herbs according to the European standards and regulations as well as a modern factory with modern plants for production of high quality teas in filter bags with applied systems of good manufacturing practices (FSSC) and Danger Analysis and control of critical points (HACCP). So far, the company is sells its own brands in most of the largest retail chains in Bulgaria, such as: Kaufland, Billa, Metro, FATASTICO, MAXIMA, as well as through smaller supermarkets and retailers, pharmacies and drugstores with the help of a wide range of distributors and partners.


+359 888 708 436
+359 2 9572 642
www.tea-gardens.net, www.bteaco.com