Bulgaria 6300 Haskovo, 86, Saedinenie Blvd.
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Interfood & Drink

DERONI has set a noble goal - to produce naturally delicious, high quality products. For this reason were created  Deroni Gardens where they grow healthy and tasty vegetables by an innovative method. First the land was healed by sowing certain types of green cover plants that cleaned it from weeds and pathogenic microorganisms, enriching it with organic green mass. In order to keep the land healthy and fertile, the fields of 2850 decares were drained. In summer, vegetables are watered with clear filtered water. Now the healthy and fertile land is grateful in return with a rich harvest of healthy and tasty vegetables that are picked up in the summer and autumn and hours after that are grilled in Deroni's factories. The three factories are equipped with 14 technological lines, with modern laboratories and certified with all necessary European certificates. All this allows a production of a wide range of different product groups, as well as lutetnitsas, created by a technology that reproduces the domestic production of lutenitsa.


+359 38 661 167
+359 38 661 167