Bulgaria Velkovci village, Gabrovo, Velkovci
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Elvi Ltd. is one of the leading companies of the Bulgarian dairy industry. With production history since 1991, its mission has been to provide the best quality through:

  • Exclusive selection of raw milk;
  • Yield of milk from own cows farm complying with high animal welfare standards;
  • Modern methods of processing and control of the milk - from farm to consumers;
  • Good company culture and trade network;
  • Care for our clients and partners;
  • Constant taste parameters of all products.

Elvi Ltd. is known on the Bulgarian market with the natural dairy products Elvi, Bozhentsi, Terter and Bulgarea. Since September 2018 Elvi Ltd. has been manufacturing for Narinè Bulgaria JSC and distributing Narinè – the first Bulgarian acidophilic milk.


+359 67 17 25 54
+359 899 821 691
www.elvimilk.com; www.tertercheese.com; www.bulgarea.com