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Interfood & Drink

Company Five Stars Partners ltd. with its own brand “The Old recipes” was founded with the idea to bring back the authentic homemade taste on the table. Our products are made only by home recipes, some of which are 100 years old, and of course they are without preservatives, artificial colors and ingredients. Some of them are the only ones on the market without analogues, as: Lyutenitza with Honey, Lyutenitza made from pink tomatoes and Imambayalda with olive oil. Lyutenitza is traditional Bulgarian dish made from vegetables as tomatoes, peppers, carrots, eggplants and spices.
The Imambayalda is made from original Turkish recipe and it is also mixture of vegetable but in big pieces. This year our clients will have the opportunity to see and try our new line “From Granny`s closet” which is specially made to bring us back in time and give the taste of the old days, when we were used to eat canned foods during the winter. As every year we will surprise our clients with new and innovative product – our Jam from hot peppers.


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