NEDKO NEDKOV – OVCHAROVO LTD is a company devoted to the cultivation of clean crops, the production of high-quality milk, dairy products, biogas and meat. Our main goal is to supply natural products of uncompromising quality. Possessing more than 20 years of experience in agriculture and animal husbandry, we could proudly state that one of the most steadily developing farms in Bulgaria in ours. We currently possess more than 60.000 decares of arable land, more 6.000 animals of the Holstein breed – their number increases on an yearly basis – modern mechanized equipment, more than 200  employees, 20 specialists, fully closed production cycle and an own laboratory.

Since we strive to offer clean dairy products, we control the entire process that starts from cultivating  cereal crops and processing fodder and ends with the final products- - meat, milk and dairy products. Thus, we are certain that the products offered by us do not contain GMO, they are compliant with all international standards and requirements, have pure Bulgarian taste and do not contain impurities, stabilizers and leavens imported from abroad.

The company was established in 1993.The founder, Mr Nedko Mitev Nedkov, had majored in agronomy ( he has graduated from the Agricultural University of Plovdiv) and started to cultivate leased land in the village of Ovcharovo, Dobrich Municipality, where the production facilities are currently located.

In order to supply natural and pure dairy and meat products to the end customer, we monitor not only the process of farming the animals but the food they get as well. Therefore we created a closed production cycle. Our farm is the sole producer and supplier of grain and fodder for our animals, our dairy products are made of milk produced by us, and meat is produced from animals bred in the farm.