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"Silikal Bulgaria" LTD is a company specialized in the research, design, supply and installation of industrial and decorative flooring systems based on reactive resins. We are an official representative of one of the world leaders "Silikal GmbH & Co.KG" - Germany. Based on many years of German experience we "Silikal Bulgaria" effectively help achieve the best results related to your floor. The high quality offer and the excellent work the team win customers and prestige of the company. We know that the implementation of a good floor at any branch subject of precision engineering, which should combine simultaneously three main groups of tasks:

 * Link the floors with quality substrates and adjacent facilities

 * Adequate choice of systems corresponding to a particular activity or aspect of her physical, chemical and thermal stability performance of each load in a room or area of ​​it

 * Accordance floors to the requirements for maintaining high hygiene, respectively - the requirements of the latest legislation of the EU for the respective production or activity

 Our floors based reactive resins are very well adapted to specific cases and meet all necessary requirements for decorative and industrial flooring.

       Methacrylate reactive resins from Silikal offer significant advantages over other resins, such as epoxy or polyurethane, such as:

  • Fast cure and immediate ample opportunity to enjoy the floor - greatly saving time for repairs
  • harden even at low temperatures (up to -25 ºC in some cases)
  • easy to process, once methacrylate reactive resin is laid on the old base
  • harmless to health, making them ideal for use in food industry


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+ 359 2/92 00 545, 92 00 678
+ 359 2/92 00 545, 92 00 678