Bulgaria 4230 Asenovgrad; 44, Mominska Str.
B 14b
Interfood & Drink

“VALCHEV” ООD (Ltd.) was founded in 1994 with its main activity the production of and trade in dairy products and other foodstuffs.

In 2005 was opened our up-to-date production base in the land near the town of Asenovgrad, with an area of 4,300 m2 and an output of 432 tonnes per year.

In 2014 was finished also the second stage of its construction, namely a modern factory for the sectioning and packing of foods in small packages, as well as refrigerating equipment for their storage.

Our distinctive assets are the production quality, the correctitude towards the partners, and  the vast popularity of the trademark, which has won the customers’ attention and the overall approval by the market. To achieve all that, we endeavour to combine a traditional taste with natural ingredients, at a good price.