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Established in 1974 in Meckenbueren, Germany with the turnover of 110 million euro, WINTERHALTER is a world leader in the dish washing machines production. If has 15 branch offices and over 50 agencies all over the world, Bulgarian since 2005 included. The company is specialized in high washing machines for glass, dishes and utensils and it has a leading role in the production of specialized systems for the hotel and restaurant sectors and retail.

WINTERHALTER’S philosophy is to provide its customers with safe, efficient machines, which save time and money. The last models turn to use new water and detergent technologies and to save energy, thus protecting the environment. In the new machines elaboration and construction our main priority is the economic efficiency, hygiene, quality and of course, easy service.

WINTERHALTER offers full package of dish washing machines for all commercial necessities: the dish washing machines it self, with manual, design and installation of your scheme, water treatment systems included, plus instructions service and maintenance.

Stake on WINTERHALTER and choose excellent dish washing results with maximum efficiency.






- Safe dish washing machines of high quality

- Wide range of detergents

- Water softening appliances

- Repair within 24 hours to mend damages in Sofia and within 48 outside Sofia

- Specialized technical service station

- Warehouse with all kinds of spare parts

- Spare parts for each manufactured model

- To avoid damages, customers are regularly provided with instructions for machines’ exploitation.