Bulgaria 4003 Plovdivр 10А, Rogoshko shose Str.
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Interfood & Drink

AHG LTD is an official representative and distributor for Bulgaria of Italian coffee brands Goppion Caffe and Bristot Caffe. The activity of the company is focused in the following directions:

 Import and distribution of coffee for professional use, office and home;

  • Distributing of instant products for restaurants and hotels withself-service tables;
  • Provision and maintenance of professionalbar coffee machines,office and home coffee machines;
  • Installation, servicing, maintenance of vending machines;


More than 20 years, AHG LTD stand on the high standard and the quality to deliver maximum customer satisfaction.


+359 32 962 950; +359 888 966 627
office@goppioncaffe.bg; caffebristot@abv.bg
www.goppioncaffe.bg; www.bristotbg.com