Salon de Vin

To forget is to recall. The more you forget what depresses you, the more you recall the lightness of your true self.

Our mission is to provide you a place to forget.

Here, on the steep hill above the village of Glavan, you will not smell anything urban. Because the fragrances come from the herbs in the garden, the aging wine, and the woodlands of Sakar Mountains.

You will not hear a single klaxon. Up here, the sounds belong to swallows, bees and crickets.

You will not meet nervous people. Because here, over the everyday things, thrives no stress but a calm and happy contemplation.

Because up here people are free to return to their natural state.

Not-forced. Not-burdened.


We are proud of the way we produce wine. Proud of each bunch of grapes grown in our own vineyards with a total area of 150 decares. Proud of each of the different varieties we care of, as we do it for beloved children. Proud of every flat of the hand that has gently chosen the best and uncompromisingly rejected the inappropriate.

We are proud of the fine balance between the ancient local terroir and the most modern oenological practices. Proud of the shape, label, message and taste of every bottle of our debut series of wines bearing the mystical names of DOGMA and ZAARA ESTATE.


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