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GOPAL PRASAD LTD. was established with the main drive to make traditional Indian foods, known worldwide, accessible to the Bulgarian market.

The main produce of Gopal Prasad is clarified cow butter – ghee. Ghee is the only milk product, which can be consumed by people with proven intolerance to lactose and casein. In the production process, together with the proteins, the water content of the butter is evaporated, making ghee years-long shelf life.

Ghee is one of the most suitable fats for cooking, because the saturated fats are with the greatest heat-resistance (ghee doesn’t fume up to 250°С). Ingredients cooked in ghee do not burn, as it would have happen if using normal butter instead, whose protein would very quickly turn brown.

Ghee is right for everyone in the family – for babies’ first meals, for the growing up kids, for the needing extra energy youngsters, for her beauty and his health, for the active and mobile pain-free elders. Ghee improves the digestion, strengthens the brain and the nervous system, improves the memory, lubricates the conjunctive tissue, enhances the elasticity of the body, rises the blood circulation and warms up the limbs.

Along with the Classic Ghee, Gopal Prasad produces unique for the Bulgarian market flavoured clarified butters. For now we have introduced two combinations of fresh herbs – Ilaaj Ghee, and Rojmeri Ghee. The flavoured ghees give the opportunity to quickly prepare all sorts of dishes with the ease to omit the time consuming ingredients preparation without compromising the final outcome.

Ilaaj Ghee is a decoction of fresh turmeric and ginger roots, amplified with black peppercorn. Turmeric and ginger are well known for their health benefits as digestives and for their anti-inflammatory properties. Ilaaj Ghee, which in Bulgarian language transcribes “ilage”, is like a remedy – the perfect substitute of the Golden ghee, which originally is prepared with cow milk and is used in many cleansing and healing practices according to Ayurveda.

Rojmeri ghee is an oil extract of rosemary and thyme sprigs. Rosmarinus is beneficial to the woman’s health and improves the memory. Thymus supports the respiratory system and suppresses the inflammations related to the ear-nose-throat cavity of the face. Rosemary and thyme are popular meat and bean meals, but Rojmeri ghee could be equally good served on a bread slice or seasoning stew veggies for babies.

Gopal Prasad started the production of two more new products. This are traditional Indian sweets. One is called Laddu, and the other Burfi. Both of them are based on chickpea flour, but Burfi is high in milk protein desert, while Laddu could be consumed by people with intolerance of lactose and casein.

Our newest product is Surya Chips, crackers with Indian spices in several varieties. Purposely we have targeted our production to satisfy the need for pastry suitable for consumption when on no-gluten and no-nut diet. Surya chips is prepared with wholegrain wheat flower, or with no-gluten flour, with sunflower and pumpkin seeds or completely nut-free.

Gopal Prasad’s ghee and pastry workshop meets the standards required by the Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety, while having all processes hand-made. This gives us the opportunity to have produce with made-at-home quality, with attention and special attitude to every particular item. The food we produce is “alive”, because it is prepared from people with a lifestyle adherent to the principles of the Indian knowledge for the health and devotion, and which are willing to share their energy for a sublime and noble world!


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