Flora-DV Ltd.

Bulgaria 1612 Sofia, 10 Doiran Str.

Flora-DV Ltd. is a family business and has many years of experience in agriculture and growing organic crops and seeds. The founder of the company, Mr. Doni Velinov, has over 30 years of international experience in trade and export of food and other goods. Since 2015, the company has been a certified organic producer of crops and seeds, exporting its raw materials mainly to Western Europe.

The brand Flora Bio World was created as a symbol of our desire to create high quality organic products with high nutritional value, produced in Bulgaria. The company's activities are completely subordinated to our desire to protect the environment and offer clean, healthy and tasty food, which contributes to a more fulfilling lifestyle. Flora Bio World currently offers an assortment of organic wheat, einkorn and spelled flours for the bakery industry as well as for grocery stores.


+359 887 293177