Bulgaria Sofia. M. Vrajdebna District, 117, Batarey Str., Logistics center SIBILA , Building 3
Interfood & Drink

TIENDA (“shop” in Spanish) is a recently founded company behind which stands Chavdar Spasov, owner of KLASS FOOD, and Konstantin Ralev. They combined their long experience in F&B industry as well as their passion for good food and wine to become a trusted supplier to some of the leading hotels, restaurants and exclusive F&B stores in Bulgaria.

TIENDA represents outstanding companies from Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and many others to offer great variety of exceptional products that match highest quality standards at the most competitive prices available on the Bulgarian Market. Meat and charcuterie, meat substitutes, cheeses and vegan cheese analogs, olives and olive oil, bread and wine – these are just a few of our diverse range of goods TIENDA delivers directly to its Bulgarian consumers.

TIENDA …Where food flatters your senses!


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