Bulgaria Sofia, 123 G. S. Rakovski Str.

We would like to present Aberdeen Farm, located at the village of Sturgell.The products we offer in our company store - Aberdeen Butchery, are both from the farm and from other Bulgarian and Italian producers.The farm is owned by the company Angus beef cattle breeding Bulgaria OOD.

Our company was found at beginning of 2015, importing its first animals and genetic material from Germany.

We offer on the market high-quality and ecologically clean beef from the Black Angus breed (Aberdeen Angus/Black Angus). We raise purebred cattle with high genetics, which guarantees the high marbling, unique taste and tenderness of the meat. The animals are raised ecologically, without antibiotics and hormones. The free-range technology we use allows meat animals to be raised under the most natural conditions and animal health protection.

Our company store offers a wide range of our beef products, from steaks, to mince meat, to flavored burgers and meatballs, and other delicacies. We also offer high-quality chicken, turkey, lamb and pork meat from Bulgarian meat producers - our long-term partners. We are also a direct importer of premium quality meat and dairy products from Italy. All products are 100% chilled (no freezing). For your convenience, we carry out delivery upon prior request to the address specified by you.


+359 889 26 26 63




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