Bulgaria 1359 Sofia, 129, Dr. Peter Dertliev Blvd.

Kozarev s mission is to prove that in Bulgaria one can produce goods without compromising their quality and production processes.

This is only possible when the well-established Bulgarian tradition in the production of dairy products is combined with cutting-edge technological quality standards and the best experts in the field, who supervise and manage the execution of all processes.

Kozarev trademark was created in 2017, but we launched our first products at the end of 2019. In those two and a half years we further improved and made all processes more precise in order to introduce top-notch dairy products of exquisite quality and flavour.

We are proud to introduce our high-quality goat dairy products, being confident that we can offer the customers the best goat dairy products on the Bulgarian market. Our products are of exquisite quality, verified origin, containing only our own milk and nothing else.