Bulgaria 1138 Sofia, 16 Abagar Str., Gorublyane
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Demax is the most modern private printing house in Bulgaria, establishing the newest world tendencies, offering full service solutions to its clients, through its production capacities in the area of offset, flexo, screen and digital printing. We offer flexible product solutions in the spheres of:

  • Self-adhesive labels on different substrates;
  • Luxury self-adhesive labels with hot & cold stamping and embossing;
  • Multilayer & In-mould labels;
  • Wraparound РР labels;
  • Shrinkable PET labels;
  • Aluminium foil prints;
  • Yogurt aluminium caps;
  • Multilayer sachets
  • Carton box solutions
  • Top lidding films clear and printed – PA/PE, PET//PE, PET//PE/EVOH/PE, PET/PP, PP/PP – PEEL and AF optional;
  • Flow pack films clear and printed - PA/PE, PET//PE, PET//PE/EVOH/PE, PET//PP, PP//PP – PEEL and AF optional;

  • Flexible thermoforming films – PA/PE, PEEL optional;
  • Rigid thermoforming films – APET/PE, APET/EVOH/PE PEEL and print optional;
  • Films for vacuum Skin packaging;
  • Thermoforming paper and carton boards;
  • Thermo shrink vacuum bags and films;
  • Food trays for MAP packaging – PP, MONO PET, PET/PE, PP/EVOH/PP – clear and colored;
  • Sustainable recyclable packaging solutions, less plastics content and/or lighter

Our solutions are suitable for the pharmaceutical, food, bottling and cosmetics industries.



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