Withdrawn names of the prize-winners from the lottery with questionnaires at the exhibition of the food and horeca sector

On the last day of the food and horeca exhibitions MEATMANIA, BULPEK, THE WORLD OF MILK, SALON DE VIN, INTERFOOD & DRINK and SIHRE there were withdrawn the names of the prize winners with questionnaires. In accordance with the previously announced rules, in the presence of a lawyer, there were withdrawn the names of 12 persons who received their prizes provided by ZORA.

Enchantment of Italian scents flows into our home

Cosiness. Harmony. A feeling of comfort. Yes, that is what a true home is about. The question is, how do we get all that? At SIHRE 2018, Softex Interiori will provide a variety of possible answers, opening for us the doors to the enchantment of Italian scents offered by Locherber Milano interior perfumes.

SantosCafé – For a strong and stylish start of the day!

The story of SantosCafé began in the year 1994 with the brand SantosRoyal. This is the first product in the company portfolio of Balkam Group. It was distributed mainly in hotels, restaurants and cafés, and through the years it has undergone a lot of brand transformations. SantosCafé inherited its original formula and today delivers its unique taste to millions of households. The different types of SantosCafé were created to satisfy any coffee lover in all forms of the drink.