Tea will take you there

MATÌNO Теа. The intriguing name of the interesting tea will be enthusiastically presented to us this year by the inspiring Baristo company. Earlier we met you with the company's coffee suggestions, now it is time to present the other all time favourite drink- its majesty the Tea. 

Appetizing temptations from raw-dried delicacies

In the special series of Orehite "From the golden hands of the master" connoisseurs find raw-dried sausages prepared according to authentic recipes. Those present at this year's Meatmania exhibition at Inter Expo Center are to get acquainted with the qualities of the appetizing temptations.

Tech Industry presents industrial solutions for UVC disinfection in food production

In the production and packaging of food products, it is crucial to observe optimal hygiene. During the production process, even the cleanest products are contaminated by contact with microorganisms in the air, on work surfaces and in packaging materials. That is why UVC lamps are a perfect solution with increasing use in the food industry. Meatmania Tech Industries will present its industrial disinfection solutions.

Yogurt - the traditional Bulgarian temptation

When we talk about traditional products, we are always unanimous. Yogurt is among the most recognizable Bulgarian products. There are many theories about its origin, but we are sure of one thing - yogurt will always be a favorite product both for direct consumption and as an important ingredient in many dishes and pastries.