Meat and healthy delicacies

Do you find it impossible to combine a delicious meat delicacy and a healthy diet? UNITEMP solves this problem with its innovative meat delicacies presented at the International Food Exhibitions at the Inter Expo Center on 29th September and 2nd October. In the following lines we present the high-protein popcorn with 100% natural ingredients, their high-protein meat bar, horse meat and the crunchy mix of fine butter and crackling greaves and many others, which you will find in Hall 1, Stand B2.

Heura- 100% vegan!

Tienda is an innovative vegetable meat substitute. The company offers different types of chicken vegan meat in the form of bites, tacos, beef meatballs, meat for burgers and more. You will get acquainted with the products offered by the company at the International Food Exhibitions in Inter Expo Center from 29th of September to 2nd of October in Hall 3, Stand A12.

Tea will take you there

MATÌNO Теа. The intriguing name of the interesting tea will be enthusiastically presented to us this year by the inspiring Baristo company. Earlier we met you with the company's coffee suggestions, now it is time to present the other all time favourite drink- its majesty the Tea. 

Appetizing temptations from raw-dried delicacies

In the special series of Orehite "From the golden hands of the master" connoisseurs find raw-dried sausages prepared according to authentic recipes. Those present at this year's Meatmania exhibition at Inter Expo Center are to get acquainted with the qualities of the appetizing temptations.