AGAS - MEDICAL DEVICE & SKIN CARE provides non-surgical treatment with long-term visible results. The product will be presented at the SIHRE exhibition by Lidera Trading LTD. The results it delivers include strengthening structure, regulating cell cohesion and communication. In addition, it aids absorption and cell breathing, enhances proliferation, strengthens the muscles, boosts new blood vessel growth.

The technology is safe and has a powerful therapeutic effect on skin tissue, joints and tendons. It has a calming effect on the neuro-vegetative apparatus, aids the formation of new neural connections. It uses the revolutionary VMAX technology – a global patent with clinically proven results, five technologies in two handles. It regenerates skin and has a healing effect, a new solution with the opportunity for face modelling.

AGAS Concept is a global leader in the aesthetic medical products market, specialized in the development of next-generation technologies and products.

Find out more about the successful products offered by Lidera Trading in Hall 5, Stand A7.