The world of draught beer presents: BLADE from Heineken

There is nothing like a fresh, cold, just poured into the glass aromatic beer. The lovers of this incredible drink always note that when we are talking about first-class draught beer, it must be served with the same dedication and quality as the ones put into its production. Having developed to the maximum degree the technology and philosophy of draught beer, at SIHRE 2018 Heineken will present BLADE.

The process

BLADE is an innovative draught beer system with single-use kegs. „It will offer beer lovers a revolutionary new solution for selling high-quality draught beer,” the company states.

The system operates with the technology developed by Heineken, called BREWLOCK. It utilizes compressed air between the hard external and soft internal side of the keg. The compressed air presses the internal side and pushes the beer up to the tap. Pouring it into a glass is fast and easy.

The innovative BLADE and a variety of products will be demonstrated by Heineken in Hall 6, stand D10.