A more advanced kitchen, equipped with the innovations by Vera 94

Having customers satisfied with your hotel or restaurant, it is necessary to prepare the food in a flawless way. How to do this? The answer – furnishing our kitchen with the most advanced equipment.

At SIHRE 2018 you will get shared ideas for a more technological kitchen by Vera 94. Having traditions in professional kitchen and bar equipment, the company will present the BROASTER pressure fryer. Its technical characteristics result in lower operating costs, higher productivity and quick return on investment. The cooking process takes place at a controlled pressure in a hermetic environment, thanks to which the final product is juicy and aromatic. It also reduces the amount of fat required.

Cooking - like never before

The company will focus consumer attention on its SelfCookingCenter Steamer by Rational. "This cooking system senses, recognizes and thinks during operation; it thinks in perspective, learns from you and communicates with you, "commented from Vera 94.

The system allows for grilling, frying, roasting, steaming, sewing, blanching and poaching. It can be used to prepare meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, egg dishes, baked goods or desserts. Its dimensions provide enough room for the preparation of both 30 or several thousand portions. This makes SelfCookingCenter by Rational a practical choice for restaurants, hotels, catering, public and systematic eating facilities. The system offers a ConnectedCooking feature that provides remote control of all connected devices via a computer, smartphone, and tablet. ConnectedCooking delivers real-time data, thanks to which the kitchen is always in control, and adjustments can be made remotely.

To create the highest quality and an attractive end product, the company will also present the TurboChef Fast Baking Oven. "TurboChef Ovens cook quickly; without compromising on the quality of the prepared food, "the company says.Achieving new dimensions in cooking is feasible through the VarioCooking Center multificiency that will be presented by Vera 94. The device combines the functions of a reversing pan, a cooking kettle, an oven, and a fryer. It allows fast cooking, saves products up to 10%, 30% space, 70% water and 40% energy.

All Vera 94 offers can be found in Hall 5, Stand A 4.