UniChef 2018 can take you to Bangkok, Thailand

The world is wonderful and vast. We should not waste any time, but embark on journeys to get to know it. Well, have you planned your next trip yet? Why not choose Bangkok, Thailand, as your destination?

Actually, you will have the opportunity to go to this wonderful destination, since the SIHRE exhibition is about to take place and the UniChef 2018 culinary competition will be held within it. The competition is for professional cooks and students from culinary high schools and vocational schools.

Thailand, here we come!

In the culinary competition this year, two groups of participants will be demonstrating what they are capable of. The first one is UniChef – a competition for professional cooks, for whom cooking is a passion, for the professionals who enjoy competition in the kitchen. The grand winner will have the opportunity to visit a culinary course in Bangkok, Thailand!

The other category is UniChef Juniour, where students from culinary high schools and vocational schools will have the opportunity to transfer the skills they acquired in the “classroom” into the professional chef kitchen.

How can I take part?

The UniChef competition consists of 2 stages:

Stage 1

  1. Each participant has to prepare a dish of their choice (no desserts) using at least one of the Knorr Asian series professional products and upload a photo of the dish at http://www.unichef.bg/, together with the recipe for the dish.

Each participant is required to register before uploading the photo of their dish. Each student who wishes to take part in UniChef Juniour has to submit a completed declaration of parental consent in addition to the photo of the dish.  

  1. To share on Facebook that they are taking part in UniChef 2018 and accumulate points.
  2. The ten contestants from each category who have scored the highest will compete live during SIHRE (7 – 9 November 2018) in Sofia.

Stage 2 – Finale

  1. The participants have to prepare the dish that qualified them for the TOP 10 live, during SIHRE, in Sofia.
  2. Each participant has to prepare their dish within 1 hour, in 3 servings.
  3. The dish and work of each participant will be assessed by a 3-member international jury. The participant who performs best in the UniChef category wins a brief training course in Bangkok, Thailand, and the participant who performs best in the UniChef Junior category wins a set of professional knives and a 500-leva reward, and the school where he is studying will receive a voucher for professional equipment for the amount of 1000 leva, VAT included.

You can find out more about the rules of the competition at: http://www.unichef.bg/rules

All the information about SIHRE is available at: food-exhibitions.