ReSol to present MOYRA - their first own brand name 

For the first time a Bulgarian company in the field of hotel and restaurant equipment launches its own line of plates of the fastest growing Bulgarian companies in the hotel and restaurant equipment sector will prepare some interesting offers within its exhibition during SIHRE. MOYRA – this is the company's first own brand. The pilot series includes five size plates and three different colour versions, and the message it brings is dedicated to freedom in all its dimensions. The color range is a reminiscence to the expanse of the sea and their shape provides an ideal base for chefs to upgrade their culinary creations in color. The simplified and the material chosen by ReSol for their premiere product is a durable and high-quality porcelain. MOYRA occupy their market place with the mission of inspiring chef and becoming a valuable tool for them to present the food they prepare.

For the first time in Bulgaria there will be presented huge cups in the form of mussels and shells – made of porcelain for cupboards, as well as glass displays, plates and bowls, which can be customized according to the requirements of each restaurant or hotel.

The art of serving food has been the mission of ReSol for five years now. According to Maria Nikolova, owner of the company, gourmet culture unites people who love beautiful things that pay attention to the detail. That's why she's always looking for beautiful things to offer chefs and restaurateurs to inspire them. In recent years, the art of food goes beyond simple preparation. We are already talking about design, presentation and arrangement of the plate, and the whole table,too. Chefs compete in their virtuosity to provoke the senses with their eyes.

"We strive to inspire chefs with the increasingly interesting plates and utensils we offer. New proposals are increasingly coming up on the international scene and it is very important for us to provide our customers with them in order to maintain their level. - says Maria Nikolova - When people know what they want, they orientate us to patterns, color, durability, luxury, and then things are a little easier when it comes to choosing. Of course, we also give advice because the companies we work with have a really big assortment, and we have knowledge on the wide range of their assortment. What we present in our showroom is just a small part of the opportunities we can provide to our customers - if a customer is not able to identify any product with us here, then we start looking at catalogs and start searching. Our goal is to find the best solution that suits the customer, such as shapes, colors, price. In most cases, we are more active because we have the best idea on our product range, but there are really clients who know what they are looking for. Our task is to consult them – what are the new trends, what is the plate in which the dish would look good."

ReSol (Restaurant Solution) is a company that offers A to Z equipment for restaurants, bars and hotels - all necessary items for the furnishing a restaurant - from eating utensils, through kitchen furnishings, up to catering. The ReSol team has the mission to meet the needs of all its customers, offering both luxury equipment and lower-priced products without compromising on quality. Among the world's leading brands partnering with Re-Sol are the Sola Swiss quality utensils, the Czech factory for fine porcelain G. Benedikt and the British brand Utopia, an expert in making copper casserole and pans to complete the arrangement of the dining table.

On the first day of the exhibition, November 7, at 11 am, ReSol will organize a workshop for serving techniques that anyone can use at home. The ReSol stand is A4 in Hall 6.