Dairy products by Lacrima

Lacrima joins The World of Milk with its Lacrima cow milk butter – churned from 100% pure fresh whole milk with a guaranteed fat content of 82% and a water content of 16% - according to the highest quality standards. The Lacrima cream cheese - the only entirely natural cream cheese in Bulgaria. 

Lacrima yellow cheese is made from cow milk, with a thick, tight and homogeneous consistency. Its golden color is achieved thanks to the first-class milk, technological precision and long maturation. It is matured minimum 45 days.

Cow milk cheese Standard - made by a classic Bulgarian recipe, conforming to Bulgarian State Standard (BDS), with the familiar and popular, intensive lactic acid taste of old times. It is matured minimum 45 days. Cow milk cheese Extra - made by an authentic recipe from the Rhodope Mountains with a higher fat content and a different starter from cow milk cheese Standard. The Extra has a soft milky taste and a pleasant buttery feel.

Sheep milk cheese - made from sheep milk with a characteristic flavour and full-bodied taste. It is matured minimum 45 days.

Lacrima  can be found Hall 2, booth A3f