The operational ABC cooperative society

Mozzarella, Burrata and Caciotta with an irresistible taste for true connoisseurs from all over the world

People of ability, experts, responsible and hard-working, who convey their passion in the course of generations. It all started with the ancestors who produced buffalo milk mozzarella in typical pagliare - small, rural dairies located in old farms.

Later, the grandfathers were the undisputed heroes of the La Taverna, the only wholesale and retail market for buffalo milk and mozzarella, and other milk products that took place in Aversa, a role that allowed them to set prices.

From the 1970s, today's generations have united in a cooperative society, determined to give even more value to the fruits of their labor. They personally produce mozzarella of buffalo milk, ricotta, butter and buffalo milk cheeses. They use state-of-the-art technology, following the best traditions, preserving hand wrapping and shaping, preserving freshness and original flavor.

Today the production of ABC Cooperative is presented all over Italy, in the best stores. Its market is expanding and, in many countries, abroad, where they were the pioneers to start exports more than 40 years ago.

The stock-breeders from the cooperative take care of each of the stages of production cycle starting from the cultivation of the fields, their ownership, the production of local animal feed for the buffaloes. Thus, only River Buffaloes are bred, a specific breed which today is identified with the name 'Mediterranean Italian Breed', in an area bathed by the waters of the River Volturno, a breed of ancient origin dating back to the Middle Ages.

The river buffalo has long been and still is an important resource for farmers not only because of the production of unique high-quality milk but also for its the role this species plays in protecting the ecosystem. With their progressive and prolonged impact, they have removed from the river bed and the marshy landscapes the grassy vegetation, branches, the natural soil deposits, contributing to the avoidance of floods.


The specifics of CAMPAGNIA

The specific character of mozzarella and other derivatives of the buffalo milk products is not accidental. It is typical only for some areas where a number of reasons manage to merge and offer a unique opportunity.

The unique climate, the characteristic soil that produces animal feeds not to be found in other areas, as well as other specific landscapes and conditions, allow the river buffalo to produce milk like no other milk: rich, porcelain white, devoid of acidity and taken care of since the very moment of milking.

Primary stuff, different, which cannot be reproduced elsewhere, and which, in order not to lose its qualities, is processed in the dairy of the Vitulazio Cooperative, near Capua, a few hours immediately after milking.

Attention to QUALITY

Particular attention is paid to quality, starts from the fields where the buffaloes graze, from the milk that is tested every morning, then goes to the internal laboratory of the dairy and is subjected to analysis in external structures authorized by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies . The same attention to quality is given to the entire production process, thanks to qualified quality managers who control the different phases until the final product is finally delivered.

Therefore, it is probably no coincidence that the ABC cooperative dairy is the first to receive the brand name " Protected designation of origin ".

The ABC cooperative cares not only about its own quality but also about its partners. For example, for product shipment, it cooperates only with transport companies that can guarantee maximum efficiency and delivery within a short period of time. This allows the mozzarella to reach its destination in Italy and abroad within a few hours.

Talking about PRODUCTS

The ABC buffalo milk mozzarella has long been the essence of our offer to consumers, commented the people from the cooperative. Made only of pure buffalo milk, aromatic and delicately porous only when it reaches the ideal conditions required, it will turn into mozzarella of the highest quality.

Perhaps less familiar than mozzarella are the typical traditional foods, and tasting them every time turns into a unique experience.

The ABC cooperative offers also buffalo milk Burrata, buffalo milk Caciotta , fresh or aged, with a rich, saturated flavor that pays off under all circumstances of consumption.

And finally, the Provola cheese varieties- fresh or smoked, are a tribute to a tradition that has for centuries set the highest taste of taste, with their tender texture and aroma typical for most Mediterranean Italian cheeses.

This cooperative operates successfully and is a mentor to demonstrate how similar cooperatives in our country should finally organize their work.