Tsar Chocolate  

1-meter chocolate

Ever since the Aztec era, chocolate was a privilege for kings and czars only. Over the centuries, only the privileged persons - royalties or aristocrats had the opportunity to enjoy the delightful chocolate flavor. For ordinary people, chocolate was not affordable and only a dreamed luxury.

 "We have created the Tsar Chocolate to be the perfect and dreamed gift affordable by all people. This is a first-class Belgian chocolate hand-made entirely of natural ingredients and high-quality raw materials. A gift worthy of kings, " was how the 1 Meter Chocolate company presented their entirely new brand.

 "We believe that true premium chocolate flavor brings delight and excitement in every person's life. Led by this maxim, we spent countless hours searching for the perfect chocolate recipe to meet the expectations of the most sophisticated chocolate lovers. Because people cannot just like chocolate, they either love it or, as in our case, adore chocolate, " the 1 Meter Chocolate company goes on with their true, bold and convincing philosophy.

The 1 Meter Chocolate company will present its new brand at the exhibition Interfood & Dink in Hall 3, stand C8a.