Pizzarella – one pizza, please

The semi-automatic Pizzarella cold pizza base former by Morello Forni offers the quality of pizza bases hand-rolled by an expert pizza chef.

The dough is processed at room temperature to avoid deformation, pressure or prolonged heating, preserving its physical and organoleptic properties. The upper plate, manually operated by a lever, delicately transmits a series of pulsating waves to the dough with its unique anti-adhesive membranes. The result is a raw pizza base with the desired thin center and a thicker outer ring turning into a high crispy board, as with a high quality handmade pizza: 

- Without the sticking dough characteristic of other pizza cold-rolling machines;

- Without burning your fingers unlike when working with hot presses.

The membranes capture the micro-layer characteristic of the 00-type flour, protecting the dough from sticking to the plates without having to sprinkle a large amount of flour; the user works with the dough via a lever connected to a pressure boosting system, thus avoiding wrist and hand loading in case of continuous work with the machine.

Pizzarella is available in three versions: free standing on a countertop, built into a stainless steel cabinet with 6 individual drawers for pizza base dough, built into the coutertop of a professional cooling table.

You can learn more about the quality features of the Pizzarella cold pizza base former in Hall 4, Booth C4.