Innovative foods and beverages for modern nomads

The innovative products are for all modern nomads – developed specifically for everyone who is constantly on the move and insists on quality food, NOMAD NUTRI drink & food claim. 

Whether you are in the office, in the mountains or on the road, whenever you need strength and energy, but you have no time or opportunity to cook quality food yourself, the NOMAD series is the right solution for you. The idea of their creation arose during a long biking tour, when the quality, the effect on the body and the easy preparation were crucial! NOMAD nutri has no analogue in the world!

Protein shakes Nomad nutri drink! Available in three versions: Cocoa, caramel and coffee. They provide proteins and valuable micronutrients. Contain only "Made by NATURE" ingredients: organic plant protein, Criollo bean raw cocoa, maca root, mesquite, high quality lyophilised Arabica coffee, guarana, Bourbon vanilla, ginger and others. They DO NOT contain preservatives, colorants, flavors or other enhancers! Bio certified. They save time. They are easy to prepare with a little warm water or nut milk or for cold consumption in the summer in a shaker. They are lightweight to carry in a pocket, a lady's bag, a backpack, bicycle saddle bag, etc . Suitable for office nomads, digital nomads, travelers, sportsmen, mountaineers, dancers, cyclists, vegans, people going to work abroad, drivers and other modern nomads.

Nomad Nutri Food ground baked sesame seed bars made of wholemeal sesame! Available in three versions: natural, with cocoa and sugar-free. They provide energy and tasty pleasure. Contain only "Made by NATURE" ingredients: Organic whole sesame tahini, raw fermented cocoa pieces, vegetable protein, and other components. They DO NOT contain preservatives, colorants, flavors or other enhancers! Bio certified. Made following an old Bulgarian recipe. Ready to consume.

NOMAD nutrition products have no alternative worldwide! Developed in Bulgaria by the Bulgarian company Bionia! In line with today's trends in plant protein eating rich in macro and micro nutrients! Visit or for more information.

You can learn more about the Bionia's products in Hall 3, Stand C9a.