Goppion Caffe – three new flavours with the aroma of real coffee

Three new flavours with the aroma of real coffee Goppion Caffe will be the centerpiece of AHG OOD during the leading international food fairs - MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, SALON DU VIN, INTERFOOD & DRINK, SIHRE – from 7 to 10 November 2018.

The company is the official importer and logistics provider for Bulgaria of Italian coffee BRISTOT.

Inspired by the magnificence of Venice

DOLCE® GRAN MISCELA ITALIANA - DOLCE is dedicated to Venice and most of all, the rich variety of art in this city and its long connection with coffee. A delicate balance between carefully selected Arabica from Ethiopia, Honduras, Guatemala and Brazil.

The magic flavours of South America and the Blue Mountains of Jamaica

JBM® - Jamaica Blue Mountain is a product inspired by the magic flavours of South America. Blue Mountains is the name of a region in Jamaica, where the sunset has the most beautiful light blue shades. It is the place where the best Arabica coffee in the world is cultivated. It is exported in small quantities, sealed in special wood barrels, the same way rum is stored.

Nature in a cup of coffee

NATIVO® BIOLOGICO ORGANIC – the true essence of nature and the work of man combined in a simple cup of coffee. Goppion Caffè is the first company in Italy, which in 1988 started to manufacture coffee based on the Principles of Fair Trade. Ten years later, this experience was transformed into CAFFÈ NATIVO. It is certified by the organizations for Control and certification of organic products and fair trade, CCPB and FAIRTRADE, respectively.

All new products by AHG, in the enchanting blend of flavours and aromas of BRISTOT coffee, will be waiting for you in Hall 4, Stand D1.