Demonstrational cooking in the spirit of Italy thanks to ASIS FOODS

This year ASIS FOODS will participate in INTERFOOD & DRINK for a second consecutive year at Inter Expo Center.

Last year ASIS FOODS was awarded with a diploma for first impressive participation in the exhibition. The distinguishing feature of this year's ASIS FOODS presentation at its stand (A6 in Hall 4) is demonstrational cooking with familiar and beloved brands in Bulgaria such as RISO GALLO and DIVELLA, for which ASIS FOODS has invited two professional Italian chefs, specialized in preparing risotto and pasta, and an Egyptian, who has 7 years of experience in Italy as a professional "pizzaiolo" (pizza chef). The booth will be divided into three zones - risotto zone, pasta zone, and pizza zone.

The three chefs (Chef Massimo Rossetto, Chef Gianfranco Carra, and Chef Nabil Faruk) will cook on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of November, and will demonstrate their skills in front of a large audience, mostly restauranteurs and hoteliers.

It is a great pleasure to inform you that this year, the presenter of the event will once again be the respected Miss Alex Raeva.

At this year's exhibition we will present two new Italian companies on the Bulgarian market, which are leading manufacturers throughout Italy:

ZUEGG - the largest producer of jams and marmalades throughout Italy. The company was founded in 1890 by Oswald Zuegg, whose traditions in production are strictly observed to this day. The products are made up of organic fruits that are suitable for vegans and do NOT contain gluten, artificial sweeteners or preservatives. The products target mainly two channels - retail and HoReCa. The company is also the second largest producer of fruit juices, and it is remarkable that the flavors offered are unique and different. The most impressive product line of fruit juices is the Zuegg BAR, which is preferred by many restaurants, bars, hotels, and so on.

PREALPI - La Prealpi was founded in 1922 by Luigi Prevosti, Commander, World War I veteran, who decided to open a small butter factory in the center of Varese, Italy. The company focuses on the production of various types of cheese, mozzarella and butter. The top product with which the company differs from competitors throughout Italy is Burro Chiarificato, which is a high-grade butter with exceptional taste. It is preferred by the world's largest chefs. The other remarkable thing about Prealpi is the product line DINKI, which is aimed at the smallest consumers, namely the children. An impressive product of this line is the DINKI BREAK, which is innovative and preferred by children all over Italy as it is healthy, comfortable and suitable for school-time breaks.

ASIS FOODS Ltd. was established in 2016 and is the successor of ASIS Ltd., which was founded in 1997. For over 20 years we have been carrying the "Italian Longevity" in Bulgaria through our products. ASIS FOODS is the exclusive representative for Bulgaria of world-famous Italian companies with centuries-old traditions such as DIVELLA, RISO GALLO, CALLIPO, IPOSEA, DALLA COSTA, DE NIGRIS, ZUEGG, VILLANI SALUMI, PREALPI, FATTORIA ITALIA. We are constantly expanding and enriching our product range by endeavoring to offer more and more extravagant and innovative products from Italian cuisine. ASIS FOODS Ltd. is one of the first importers in Bulgaria of luxury foods such as capers, artichokes and dried tomatoes.

Thanks to our wide variety of items, the company maintains two channels - Retail and HoReCa. In recent years, our products have attracted great interest in some of the finest hotels and restaurants in Bulgaria. For this reason, we are extremely focused on the future development of this sector - FOOD SERVICE. The company is looking for new opportunities by encouraging, stimulating, and applying ideas that change the market and leave a lasting trace.