That tasty and fragrant bread from Lagarde...

Bread. This is the word we associate with unique aromas and superb flavours. The principal goal of Lagarde is to create a wide variety of high-quality products and at Bulpek 2018, we will present its tempting and tasty ideas of bread.

In Hall 3, at the company stand – С4, Lagarde will inspire connoisseurs with its aromatic bread rolls with rye starter. Completely baked, they are ready to use and offer a rational and tasty solution for making sandwiches with their pleasant airy texture.

And no, we don’t stop here. Because Lagarde has created the irresistible BRIOCHE milk bap bread. It is also ready to use. A rational choice for culinary lovers, this burger bread with airy texture does not crumble and can take a large amount of sauce and flavours.

This is not the end either... Because the company offers a long list of breads, croissants, cakes and more, and more... You can find the whole universe of tempting Lagarde products in Hall 3, Stand C4.