The exclusive wine series ТHE KEY unlocks all doors

A wine selection combining tradition and modern flavor by Afuzov winery awaits you at the SALON DU VIN from 7 to 10 November in Inter Expo Center. 

The exclusive series THE KEY by Afuzov winery tempts the connoisseurs of high-quality wines with their choice of white, red and rosé wines. The wines are made with the best selection of excellent grape sorts, guaranteeing the perfect raw materials for the production of an elixir with a unique style and refined taste, leaving behind aromatic and harmonic delicate undernotes. A non-traditional approach and symbolism are applied in label design: the key which unlocks all doors is drawn in the colour of the enticing RED KEY from the series’ selection.

RED KEY will unlock for you, connoisseurs, unsuspected sensations at SALON DU VIN in Hall 4, Stand C2.11, as part of the six-in-one food sector exhibitions.