Chocolate art

Or: How to create the sweetest statue of the world

Chocolate is a combination of flavors; it offers incredible sensational experiences and that's why everyone loves it. The Nosho chocolate has another important feature - it can elaborate " the sweetest" art of all. Literally.

You can take as evidence of our words the work of Chef Martin Shiffers from Great Britain. On the last day of the exhibitions MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, SALON DE VIN and INTERFOOD AND DRINK, with the support of The Alimentaria Experience which is held within the GastronomiX event, the world-famous chocolatier presented his creative vision on the options of chocolate-making.

It takes balance ...

Together with Radi Stambolov and Borislav Ekzarhov from the Bulgarian Pastry Academy, Chef Martin Chiffers presented his masters class in the hall packed with the spectators, demonstrating chocolate processing techniques that create ... sculptures.

Effort ...

"If we work fast, chocolate melts; if we work slowly - it becomes brittle, "commented the professional chef while preparing the chocolate plaster to create the sculptures. Chef Chiffers advised the attendees to work in small quantities, As this is how the desired final result can be achieved.

And patience ...

By shaping different chocolate elements, the professional also gave the important guidelines and tips on tempering. "It's a complex science," he shared. In order to be properly prepared, chocolate should be heated to 45-50 degrees; then it needs to cool down to achieve a working temperature of 31 degrees.

Providing almost countless valuable tips, Chef Chiffers unveiled how to create a chocolate statue. With a smile, in the presence of Radi Stambolov and Borislav Ekzarhov, the chocolatier added: for the preparation of the statue that is in front of you, it took us full 24 hours. And the finishing "operations" took ... six more hours.